Attention HPC users! Are you ready to play in the big league?

We’ve noticed some sophisticated research compute happening on the UTS HPCCs, so this week Hacky Hour has a special guest for you.

Meet Raijin, the National Supercomputing facility (and star of ABC TV’s thriller “The Code”)!

Picture of Raijin at NCI

Ok, so Raijin isn’t coming to us, but our guest, Dr Joachim Mai, can help bring you to Raijin.

If you are getting frustrated with capacity issues or queues it might be time to migrate to the big time.

Joachim will answer questions on HPC, parallel programming and provide advice to help you put together a merit application for NCI compute resources.

Not an HPC user? Not a problem ... come anyway!

The usual crew will be there. Hacky Hour is a weekly meetup where researchers can congregate to work on their research problems related to code, data, or digital tools in a social environment.

Bring along your challenges, digital tools or code to share. Have your technical research problems solved or find someone who can help you.

When & Where? Thursdays, 3pm-4pm at Penny Lane (the Cafe/bar in building 11).

Look for the group of people with laptops at the large table and join us for a drink.

HACKY HOUR : Technology support for researchers, by researchers (& eResearchers)