This Hacky Hour blog post covers the 14th February to the 21st March. These 6 sessions of Hacky Hour saw a good turnout, with both HDR students and researchers attending.    Repeat visitors were common in the first few weeks – this was due to the solid assistance given by our eResearch team that encouraged attendees to return week after week, until they had solutions to their queries.

Queries that were addressed included: 
  • HPC installation and use 
  • Software expertise 
  • GROMACs 
  • SSH connection assistance 
  • Redcap 
  • Visualisation 
  • STASH 
  • Programming 
  • Machine learning 
  • Management of data supercomputer 
  • Figures in R 
  • Database assistance 
  • GPU queries 
  • Excel data processing 
  • Geonomic / statistical analysis 
  • Omero storage 
  • General queries. 

If you’re a researcher or higher degree research (HDR) student, then we warmly welcome you to join us at our Hacky Hour sessions every Thursday @ Penny Lane Café in Building 11 from 3-4pm.  🙂